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Post by HD on Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:35 pm

Methods to solo the second hardest boss in vindi !
BME : Blessed Magic Elixir
ME : Magic Elixir
MEF : Magic Elixir of Life
br : brynn
*Follow the steps, if the br isn't equal to method. I suggest you to cancel and restart although I don't know if it really works.

For rank A enchant scroll :
1. Add BME x2, br=75-
2. Add BME x1, br=85+
3. Add anything to obtain 95+br
4. Enchant

For rank 9 enchant scroll :
1. Add BME x2, br=65-
2. Add BME x1, br=85+
3. Add ME(s), br=95+
4. Enchant

1. Add BME x2, br=75+
2. Add ME x1, br=79~84
3. Add ME x1, br=90+
4. Add some MEF to obtain 96+br
5. Enchant

For rank 8 enchant scroll :
1. Add BME x3, br=75+
2. Add MEx2, br=88~92
3. Add anything to get 95+br
4. Enchant

*Special : Just get 83br and enchant.


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