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Post by Neal and Sara on Wed Sep 11, 2013 11:08 pm

The term “Patriots” (pa-tri-ot) derives from the Latin word patriot, meaning of one’s fathers, or one who loves, supports and defends one country.

The guild Patriots, was named after The Patriots (also known as La-li-lu-le-lo) that is a secret cabal that controls the United States of America (according to the game Metal Gear)


WE ARE THE PATRIOTS! A friendly and family orientated guild, Patriots reside in the lovely neighborhood of Channel 75 Vindictus West server. Managed by our glorious leader Formation, Patriots strives to be the very best that no other guild was. To beat them all is their real test, to kill is their cause.

We have built a strong foundation of trust, friendship, and respect among others. We strongly believe in teamwork and success, but most importantly our personalities are what make us Patriots.  

Our guild enjoys slaying dragons in fancy undergarments, as well as mailing killboy Divine Punishment scrolls. We have laughed, cried, pout, and rage at each other which come in parallel with typical family moments. Our guild is one big family; our guild is Patriots. Hao2corny

Our Guild Admins include:
- Formation (Glorious Leader)
- Saramon (Queen of Patriots)
- Jaymon (The Founding Father)
- Kennemon (Big Boss)

- Minnmi (Mother of Patriots)
- Xevana (Hostess of Patriots)

- Genneviere (Human Resources Director)
- Valark (General V.)
- Killboy (Tony Montana)
- PrezHart (Prezident of Patriots)

- GiantBasher (Basher of Patriots)
- HDQS (Weapon Smug)
- Lfrit (X-gun Master)

- Cchio (Princess)
- Stovyre (Go-Green Project Manager)
- MokaAono (Seedling Prince)

Now you may be wondering, why are there so  many admins?

Our Guild is NOT your average guild. These people are our leaders and old generation members who have help keep the guild in the state it is today.

Well, this concludes all about Patriots. LEL. I just made this for you guys, there really is no target market for this.
Neal and Sara
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